Saturday, October 29, 2011

Run Apache-Tomcat with in Eclipse Indigo

I never knew I can do so much with eclipse with ease. I have made this post earlier for a different version of eclipse named Yoxos. It was quite hard in that and with Indigo its too easy.

Just follow the following steps.

1. Download Apache-Tomcat to your preferred directory.

2. Open up eclipse Helios

3. Choose Window Preferences as illustrated in the following image

4. In the preferences window that opens up , choose ServerRuntime Environments and click Add buttonin the right hand side

5. Choose the version of your tomcat server and click next. This list is auto populated and so don’t worry on how to create it.

6. On the next window that popups up, browse and add the folder path of your tomcat server and click finish. You also have a option to Download and Install, You can try that if you prefer and click finish.

7. Now your tomcat server is configured in eclipse. This is pretty simple when compared to the previous versions.

8. Now In order to start the server, you must do the following. Right click in your navigator pane, choose NewOther

9. Choose server --> server

10. Choose the credentials mentioned in the following image and click finish

11. I think you can understand the remaining from the next screen shot


  1. I agree with you, Indigo and Apache Tomcat are great. I recently used them for a Jsp project and I was glad to use them.