Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bugs: Ajax Caching issue in IE

Hats of to IE. It tests my mettle. Not a day goes by with out finding issues with IE one way or the other when I attempt to get some thing work the way I expect them to.
The good part is it helps me learn a lot from technology point of view as it is so different from other browsers and even simple things require a lot of work in IE.

Once an ajax request is created from the IE browser, it caches the same if it is a get request and this is absolutely absurd. I try getting a value through an Ajax request that varies frequently and because of this cache, I dont get the most recently updated value.

I have to restart the browser to get the recent value.

But with Post request, thank god, they are out of IE's caching issues. My saviour of the day is- AJAX POST REQUEST. This forces a fresh new request be triggered every time and the parameter that I provide are safer too.

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