Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Installing a IIS Server in Windows 2007

This helps you work with inbuilt server in windows that helps you work with asp pages etc
1. Open the control panel and click on the “Unistall a program” option. Now choose “Turn Windows Feature on or off” as illustrated by the following image

2. Now from the list of windows services that popup select “Internet Information Services” and don’t bother about the sub services that are selected or deselected for now. Just accept the defaults

3. This will start an installer and a popup with a progress bar will appear when you click ok. Once that is complete you are ready to go with the IIS

4. Now you need to know how to check whether the IIS server is running or not. That’s correct. I am speak about that in the forth coming steps

5. Open up the device manager in windows 2007

6. Now Select “Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager” under the “Services and Applications” as highlighted in the Image

7. Now take a close look at the screen that appears on the right side. I believe you will understand the importance of the highlighted section. If not may be u are comparably as dumb as me . U can start, stop and restart your IIS server using those options ha ha lol

8. Select Default Web Site and take a close look at the options in the right hand side.You would have already noticed that you see a new set of actions being displayed there. Don’t ask me how they got there…cos I am not ready for those questions yet 

9. Now select bindings and select edit in the popup box. Now you will be able to specify the port for your server to operate on in your machine. I prefer to change this one cos I test run a lot of server on my machine. For example I have Lotus Domino Server, Apache Tomcat, IIS etc.. So I prefer to have a custom port for every thing to avoid conflicts. It is not mandatory for you to change this. But its better to leave port 80 undisturbed atleast for training purposes. Also be warned not to use any ports that are already in use. Google about this stuff and you will get a lot of really good advice on choosing a proper port for your machine. If you are in a corporate world, SYS/Network admins are the first people to speak about this to. Just to ensure that we don’t mess it up for them 

10. Now open up your local iis server in the browser. In my case the url is http://localhost:8081 and the page looks like

11. To add your custom pages you got to navigate to the following page and add your file

12. Now add a helloworld.html file to this folder and put the following html tags into it.

Hello World!

And preview the same in the browser. Thus I got my Hello world on the IIS server

Well… hope this helps 

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