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Question Bank for Begineers in Lotus Notes

1. How to Create a Form and a View?

2. How to Map a form to a View?

3. How do you save a document?

4. How do you close a document?

5. How do you write a window title?

6. How do you create a new document using a action button?

7. How to open an existing document by clicking Button?

8. How to navigate between different pages with in a frame on a button click?

9. How to open the page or form by clicking button?

10. How to load a image in form or page?

11. How to create a frameset?

12. How to display the content of the document in a frame when opened directly from a view ?

13. How to select Multiple Values in Dialog list Box?

14. How to get a list of names in names field by placing a cursor ?

15. How to Give link in Navigator?

16. In Action Bar Whats the Difference Between Button and Check box?

17. All fields have the following properties - Computed, Computed for Disply, Computed When Composed.. Whats the use of that?

18. Where can we use a folder?

19. How to use Folder?

20. How to set a default value in combobox in Notesclient?

21. How do you map fields of a from to a view?

22. How do you give title to a frameset?

23. How to give a message box with user name in lotusscript?

24. How to calculate sum of values in one column in a view and display it in an other column of the same view?

25. How to move the documents from one folder to another using an Simple Action Agent?

26. Circle the TRUE statement(s)
a. Forms can contain fields
b. Pages can contain fields
c. Forms can contain pages
d. Subforms can contain fields
e. Forms can contain subforms & pages

27. Which of the following is NOT a design element?
a. Form
b. Page
c. View
d. Frame
e. Folder

28. Which of the following is FALSE?
a. Shared Actions come under Shared Element
b. Shared Actions come under Shared Code
c. Columns is a Shared Element
d. Fields is a Shared Element

29. Which of the following is TRUE?
a. All documents that a view contains cannot be placed inside a folder
b. All documents in a folder cannot be deleted
c. All documents in a view cannot be deleted
d. You cannot drag and drop documents into a view

30. A subform can
a. Contain fields
b. Contain forms
c. Contain views embedded into it
d. Contain pages
e. Contain subforms

31. Which of the following is TRUE about a Shared Column?
a. Its properties can be changed directly from the view
b. Its properties cannot be changed directly from the view
c. It cannot have a title
d. A shared column cannot be inserted in more than 32 views

32. A page can be simply described as a
a. Form without view
b. Form without columns
c. Form without documents
d. Form without fields

33. A Frame CANNOT contain
a. Outline
b. Subform
c. Shared Column
d. Shared Field

34. When you preview a subform on the client
a. It opens in a new window
b. It opens in the same window
c. It open in a new frame
d. It opens in a new frameset
e. It doesn’t open

35. To preview a form directly from client, Goto
a. View
b. CreateForm
c. Preview 
d. Compose
e. Create

36. Outlines are used to
a. Display text
b. Decorate text
c. Navigate
d. Create Navigators

37. Which of the following is FALSE about Navigators
a. They can have irregular shaped links
b. They can have unorganized links
c. They are the latest trend in the Lotus Notes Development
d. They can contain hotspots

38. The section of the designer that is at the extreme right is called
a. Action Pane
b. Properties Pane
c. Control Pane
d. Control/Data section in XPages & CC/Action Pane in case of Forms, Views,etc
39. Select the FALSE statement
a. A frame can contain a frameset
b. A frameset can contain a frame
c. A frame can contain a frame
d. A frameset can contain a frameset

40. Which of the following are invalid field type(s)?
a. Author
b. Reader
c. Rich Text Light
d. Name

41. Which of the following is an invalid field name?
a. txtSample
b. fldSample
c. num Sample
d. dtSample

42. Which field will you use to verify the ATM pin of the user?
a. Checkbox
b. Radio Button
c. Dialog List
d. Password

43. Using a Dialog list field, a user can
a. Always select multiple values
b. Always select only single value
c. Select multiple values, if permitted by design
d. Never select multiple values

44. If you want to specify your project manager, you will use a
a. Combo box Field
b. List box Field
c. Names Field
d. Dialog List Field

45. “Allow Multiple Values” property cannot be changed for
a. Checkbox
b. Listbox
c. Combobox
d. Radio Button
46. Circle the TRUE statement(s)
a. Forms can contain Form Info tab
b. Forms can contain Defaults tab
c. Forms can contain Info tab
d. Forms can contain Form Background tab
e. Forms can contain Background tab

47. Form can be of Type?
a. Documents
b. Response
c. Response to Response
d. Response to Response to Response
e. Form

48. How to make a form as Database default form?
a. Form - > Default database form property
b. Form - > Database default form property
c. Form - > Form default for database property
d. Form - > Default form for database property

49. By setting a form property that refreshes all keyword fields as the user edits a document.?
a. Automatically refresh fields
b. Refresh fields automatically
c. Refresh Document on field refresh
d. Refresh fields

50. Forms Property box , Default tab contains
a. On Create
b. On Open
c. On Close
d. On Web Access
e. On Submitt
f. On Load

51. How to create alias of a form ?

52. What are the options available in Conflict Handling
a. Create Conflicts
b. Form Conflicts
c. Merge Conflicts
d. No Conflicts
e. Merge/No Conflicts
f. Do Not Create Conflicts

53. Form Property Box , Launch Tab contains
a. Auto Launch
b. Auto Open
c. Auto Web Open
d. Auto Frame

54. View Contains
a. View Info tab
b. Info tab
c. Options tab
d. Style tab
e. View Background tab

55. Style of a view can be
a. Standard Outline
b. Outline
c. Standard View
d. Notes view
e. Calendar

56. View Property box , Style tab contain
a. Body
b. Grid
c. Margin
d. Rows
e. Others
f. Header

57. In Column Property box, Column Info tab , Multi-value separator does not contains
a. None
b. Space
c. Blank
d. Line
e. Comma
f. Semicolon
g. New Line

58. What is the default design element created when creating a new database
a. Form
b. View
c. Page
d. Xpage

59. Select the FALSE statements
a. A column can multiple views
b. A column can be categorized
c. A view can have multiple column
d. A form can contain many columns

60. The Style of the column can be a
a. General
b. Number
c. Text
d. Name
e. Date/Time

61. In column Property box, Sorting tab under Totals , which are the options are correct?
a. Total
b. None
c. Average per document
d. Percent of all documents

62. Choose the wrong answers?
a. Alias can be give for form
b. Alias can be give for View
c. Alias can be give for Column
d. Alias can be give for Fields

63. For a field type “Text” types can be
a. Editable
b. Computed
c. Computed for Display
d. Computed to display
e. Computed when Composed

64. If you choose a Dialog list field , then under controls tab in choices will display
a. Enter choices (one per line)
b. Use formula for choices
c. Use Address dialog for choices
d. Use View dialog for choices

65. “Allow values not in list ” property can be set for
a. Dialog list
b. Listbox
c. Combobox
d. Radio Button

66. How many design elements are there under the section "Code" in a Notes 8.5 database?

67. What do you understand by the term "Agent"?

68. How many ways you can trigger an agent?

69. Explain the different ways to trigger an agent?

70. How many ways an agent can act on a Target document?

71. What is the difference between an agent acting on "All selected documents" and "All documents in a view"?

72. In how many ways you can code for an agent?

73. Specify a programming language which is not available for writing agents?

74. What is the minimum time you can schedule an agent?

75. How many ways you can schedule an agent?

76. What all target documents can a schedule agent should work?

77. What all steps need to be done to make an agent work in a "Local" environment?

78. How will you specify an agent for this purpose?
a. I want to move some selected documents to a folder.
b. I want to move all documents from the database A to database B
c. I want to modify field A of all document

79. Write formula for an agent which should act only on documents whose age is greater than 26?

80. Write formula to modify value of the field Status to "Pending" for all selected documents?

81. Write a Lotus Script agent to modify a field value of a document?

82. I want to modify a field in a document every 1 hr. How will you accomplish this task?

83. How many types of script libraries can be created in Lotus Notes 8.5 database?

84. How can be I include a script library in a form?

85. Write a pseudo code for validating fields in a form?

86. What is the difference between function and sub routine?

87. Define:
a. Option Public
b. Option Declare

88. What are the default options available when a Lotus Script script library is created?

89. What is the difference between script library and agent?

90. What is meant by signing of agent?

91. What will happen 'Disable' an agent?

92. I want an Action Button to be displayed on all views. How can I accomplish the task?

93. I want to create a context menu which contains "Action-1", "Action-2".How can I accomplish the task?

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