Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Forall equivalent in Formula Language - @Transform

I felt amazed when I found the Forall (lotusscript) equivalent in Formula Language.

The command is @Transform. It has a typical syntax that it is difficult for beginners to understand.

The syntax for the command is as follows,

@Transform( list ; variableName ; formula )

The parameter named variableName is the culprit that works in a tricky way. In addition the name of the command itself is no where similar to Forall and hence is used less due to lack of a meaningful name, I suppose.

The following is a little illustration of how to use the function.Assume that the following code is in a button (ofcourse you can copy this into a button),


@Transform ( 


This will bring up three prompt with the texts - FirstValue, NextValue and LastValue in each of them respectively.

Here the key is understand how I used the iterator parameter myListValue. First I pass it as a string and there after I use it as if it is a normal variable.

The above mentioned code fragment is equivalent to the following in lotusscript.


dim myList as variant
Forall  myListValue in myList
   msgbox myListValue
End Forall


Hope this helps :)

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