Monday, September 30, 2013

Crash Lotus Notes - Oops I did it again

In an attempt to write a fairly complex workflow application, which I originally thought was a so simple I did this. I was dumb enough to have given way for the "out of touch since last two years" concept to ridicule me like this.

I knew that theoretically, I can write custom lotus script classes which can extend native lotus script classes and I can possibly extend/create events like querySave, queryClose etc using some thing like the following

On Event Querysave From customUidoc Call customQuerysave

So I went a head and tried it to discover that I crashed my client. I am great full that I dont posses the talent to corrupt database designs at will. Honestly.

Sometimes the thought scares the hell out of me. I just tried to do the above mentioned stuff. Just tried. And following happened. Note- I am not sure if this would happen always or not, but I think its worth mentioning this. I already had a custom class on the script library where I was trying to build my new custom class and extend NotesUIDocument.

I am on the way persuading about what really guided me to collapse my Lotus Client.  Hope I would find a solution to the same :@  !!!!


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    1. well... i guess the best solution I know until now is to stay away from it and stay out of trouble :P