Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Accidentally discovered Mirror Image of L (:P)

Do not expect any serious stuff from this article as expectations might lead to disappointments. Was casually working and happened to punch in a couple of keys by mistake and found a ridiculous character which I have never seen before in the Lotus script editor (Of course I had seen it in other platforms).

I cannot type in that symbol here as I did on the lotusscript editor, so as an alternative I will do the most brilliant thing of showing you a screen shot, rofl.

I guess its easy for you to see what I am speaking about in the image. I must say that I have found some thing different to decorate my multi line comments with :)

Also I tried an msgbox on that. Seems to work. Another discovery - mirror image of L, rofl

Now I can give more meaningful message boxes for my client ;P

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