Monday, January 18, 2010

Handling Errors that popup, once windows starts

I have faced these sort of issue quite often. When ever my windows boots up, I will start getting a few error message pop ups stating a few registry entries or corrupt or windows failed to load a task etc....

I tried running registry fix ups, anti virus scans, spyware fixes etc and every thing failed.

It was then that I found out the reason behind the errors were cause of a software that I have installed in my machine.

In order to sort it out, I followed the following procedure.

Click Start-> Run
Type msconfig
The "System Configuration Utility" window pops up,
Go to the "Startup" tab
Click on Disable All
Click on Apply, Close and Restart in the new window that pops up.

The next time when my machine booted up, I did not recieve any errors.

Thus I found the source, so to narrow down on to the specific application, enable or check a few items in the list ,Apply and re-boot your machine untill the problem reoccurs. Thus when the problem reoccurs at a specific point, go a head write down the name of the item that resulted in the error ,

google it and find the nature of the application if you dont know about it, try fixing the application or remove or reinstall the same to fix the issue permanently

The same sort of problem is common with services running in the windows too.
In this case you may have to select the "Services" tab,
Click on "Hide All Microsoft Services" ,
Click "Disable All"
Restart your machine and see if the issue reoccurs .
If the issue does not occur then the problem is with one of the services listed in the services tab.
So use the same trial and error method that we used for the previous case, narrow down to the service and fix the issue

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