Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creating a location document in Lotus Notes Client

Following is a procedure to create a simple location document in your notes client

1. Open up your Notes Client and open the local "Names.nsf" database

2.Click on "Advanced" in the left navigation menu

3. Click on Locations ->New ->Location as

4. Now a new location document will be open for editing
In the basics tab, mention your location name (as highlighted in the image)
In the Advanced tab->click the Basics tab-> and key in the path of the id file (as highlighted in the image) that you want to switch to when you move to that location

5.Now save and close the location document. In the bottom right corner of your screen click on your current location name to view a list of exisiting locations and you will be able to view the newly created location as highlighted in the following image

Hope this helps

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