Monday, January 25, 2010

#1 : Bugs I found : Issues with Computed Richtext field in lotus notes

Once I was hit upon with a request where the client wanted to have a comment field as a richtext one. Upon clicking a button named as "Update Comments" the entire richtext contents in the comments field should be moved into a summary field which is again of type computed richtext.

It is something like the Audit trail.

It did work fine until I found an issue with the images which are copied and pasted from the clip board.

This is again random. It would move to the summary field for a couple of times and then it would spoil every thing.

The following is what happened,
1. moved all the attachments into the footer of the document.
2. when I close and open the document again, it would say, "A part of the document has been modified by later version of notes and cannot be open" sort of message.

I tried to find a work around using dxl etc... but each and every attempt failed.
And finally when I got my self rendered hopeless of resolving the issue, a page on the IBM site eased me.

It said that it is an issue with the Lotus Notes software itself and shall be fixed in later versions of notes.I dont think this is fixed in even Version 8.5.1

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