Friday, May 16, 2014

Split function in Java

For ages I thought String.split() would work with any sort of delimiters in java. Un fortunately it has tough time working with delimiters as multiple string especially the one which i encountered "$|$"


It was confusing and irritating me for a while. God bless me, I am surrounded by sound techies. They introduced Mr.StringTokenizer to me. And so as a test attempt as always I wrote a split command in java using the same.


The good thing about this method is it does not depend on Regex. I believe it works well for most cases :)


public String[] split(String sourceString, String delimiter) {


  String returnArray[]=null;

  StringTokenizer strTknVrXML= new StringTokenizer(sourceString,delimiter);


  int tknItr=0;

  returnArray=new String[strTknVrXML.countTokens()];


  while (strTknVrXML.hasMoreElements()) {




  return returnArray;



Hope this helps some one :)



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