Thursday, May 8, 2014

Code change in eclipse not reflecting in IE - HttpWatch

Issue - "Code not reflecting properly on the browser - weblogic server"
 or  "Latest code not reflecting on the browser - weblogic server"
Clear Stage and temporary

Possible fix

1. If "Http watch" is installed in your machine, start you app on IE and press "Shift+F2" to start it. Go to tools menu and clear cache

2. Try clearing the browser cache in traditional methods Ctrl+shift+delete and clear cookies and temp files

3. Check the "AutoDeploy" directory and remove any existing war files corresponding to your application
In my case the AutoDeploy directory was in "D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\autodeploy"

4. On the web logic server locate the following path. (relative to the oracle directory)

 It contains the "stage" and "tmp" folders

Delete the contents inside the folder

5. Delete the Meta folder of your project in eclipse
In my case it was

For some reason this did not recreate it self so i created a new folder named ".metadata" in its place

6. Stopped the weblogic server and deleted the server cache in the following location
ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/your_domain/servers/your_server/cache (optional)

In my case it was,

7. Take a look at the url on the browser and make sure it points to your project

In my case the url of the app on the browser said


So I had to make the changes in my property files
in my case it was present at "D:\PropFiles\"

I went in and changed the line that said "APP_URL=****" as "APP_URL =http://hostname:7001/appName" and it worked

Now I face new environment related issues. At least its better that to be stuck like a fool in a place that didn't belong to be :)



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