Thursday, May 8, 2014


HttpWatch is one nice tool that helps understand my network transcations especially in ie. In someways its better than a firebug lite for ie. I had an oppertunity to work with the software and it seems pretty nice.

Following is a shameless copy paste from website. Atleast I want to keep certain things in one place so that I dont have to switch between sites now and then for simple answers


HttpWatch is an HTTP sniffer for IE, Firefox, iPhone & iPad that provides new insights into how your website loads and performs.

Change the way that you develop, debug and tune websites today!

 - Easily monitor HTTPS, HTTP and SPDY  without using proxies or changing network settings
 - Automatically detects potential configuration, performance and security related issues on your web erver
 - Supports IE/Firefox on Windows and iOS app for iPhone / iPad
 - Can be automated using most programming languages, e.g. C#, Ruby, Javascript, Ruby…
 - Real-time page and request level time charts
 - Provides millisecond accurate timings
 - Users and customers can send you log


One top side about this app that I have experienced personally is that it does not refresh of intervine with the websites operations that it is monitoring. I happened to work with an application which was a bit dumb and was developed to work with IE alone with lots of iframes. So the application has been strictly designed in a way that would prevent an attempt of page refresh by any means from an user. As a fail safe measure the application would log you out if you succeed in refreshing the page. So it was almost impossible for me to turn on the "Start Debugging" button in the Fire bug lite.

In case of HTTP watch all I have to do is press "Shift+F2" and click on "Record" button and I can keep watching what type of transactions are taking place, what actions are being called and what responses are being sent out in a simple chart like fashion.


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