Monday, June 7, 2010

NotesURL of design elements and documents

We can easily identify the web url of a design element.

we can obtain it by simply previewing the same on the browser.

And it will of the sort,

Where as we would not be familiar of how to create a or find a notesurl of a design element.
Its simple, replace the "http" found in above mentioned format by "notes". Yes it is that simple.
The notes url of a form named testForm would be,


This will open up the form on the notes client even when attempted from the web.

Incase of xpages, it would open up the database's default view or frameset when attempted.

In order to find the notes url of the documents following would be a work around.
Simply copy the link of a document and paste the same on a word document and move over it...
you will be able to see the Notes Url of the same.

Hope this helps :)

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