Friday, June 6, 2014

Opening existing projects in eclipse - method 2

I knew a way to do it which I had posted in Unfortunately that did not help me this time. I had a complicated project with a complicated folder structure driven by many configuration/property files. And hence eclipse either gave me messages like it does not find the project or there is already a project by that name.


Thanks to an expert advice that I received. I think I am thankful enough that I am sharing it with you. I was asked to create  a new project in my workspace. A plain old “New Project” -> “Java Project”


That did the trick. Though it created a new project, it started displaying the underlying folder structure in the operating system.


Hurray that worked for me. So in simple words,


1.       Let me assume that we have a project named “MyComplexProjectWithNastyFolderStructure” in “D:\workspace”

2.       I have a workspace set in eclipse pointing to “D:\workspace”

3.       Now if the project “MyComplexProjectWithNastyFolderStructure” is visible in the workspace – hell why are you reading this post

4.       Still “MyComplexProjectWithNastyFolderStructure” is visible but you have a problem like, you have to remove it and get updated code from say “CVS”, then close it

5.       Go to the file system (OS) and do what you have to do, like backing up the existing project, deleting it or scolding it or whatever nice stuff you plan to do

6.       Come back to eclipse. Click “File->New->Java Project”

7.       Give the name to your Java Project as “MyComplexProjectWithNastyFolderStructure”

8.       Tada… the project gets created again and this time you can look at the changes that you have made in the file system

9.       If not, try refreshing it

10.   Hope you got what you wanted. If not, “Lord Vinayaka Bless You” – go bless others for me J :P


Hope this helps J


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