Thursday, August 22, 2013

No communication ports found in notes ports dialog after installation issue

I had a tough time figuring out how to communication ports for Lotus Notes to use and connect to servers.

The issue was simple and the background was funny. I needed Lotus Notes to be installed and the guy who helped me out gave me a client but no designer/admin clients. Felt great and had a headache trying to help him understand what I want. And finally I did it again - "gave up" and figured out an other way to do it myself. It feels like I am experiencing the attitude face that Mr.Han wanted from Xaio Dre during his training.

Now I got the installation files and completed installing Lotus Notes and found that I was not able to connect to servers.

I went to File -> Preferences -> Notes Ports and "Awe :/ No Communication Ports found X("

I tried adding TCP to the list and trace my server it did not work.

So went through uninstallation and re installation horror and the issue still persisted.

This time I had ! over my head. When I tried to trace a different server I found that the port I added was missing.

So the Answer is "ADD A PORT NAMED TCP AND FOR GOD SAKE RESTART YOUR LOTUS NOTES" and it worked. This time the "Show status" button really shows info on my TCP port that I added

Feeling relieved at last - again - ;'|

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