Monday, August 5, 2013

Android Hello World Part 3 - Installing the app in your Android

Now I have a simple hello world app that I was able to test in my Android device by running the app from the eclipse environment.

Ok. Now I want to run the app directly on my Android with the help of eclipse. What should I do. I searched through the sources in the innernet and came to know about the “.apk” files which means Android Application Package File.

I trust eclipse J I should be having this goddamn file somewhere in my eclipse workspace and I don’t have the patience to search for it. I used windows search to find the file only in my bin folder of my first android app. How stupid am I lol. I am way out of touch to have forgot such a simple idea.

Quickly I moved the file into my favorite folder in the Android device. Then I got the wonder full security message mocking me to hell
I paid 40K bucks for this stupid device and yet it calls me a stranger. How about that thought!!! It’s OK I can live with that. After all I have to live with women around me in my life. I feel like an elite soul who cannot be hurt with such simple insults rolfJ

Tap on the Settings button to navigate to the Application settings sub-menu. If you’re trying to get there without an application warning screen prompt, navigate there via Settings –> Applications. There you’ll see a screen that looks like so:
What we’re interested in is the Unknown source, check the box beside it. You’ll get a stern warning, click OK and double check that the box is checked properly.
At this point you can now click on that link or navigate to the APK file saved on your SD card and install the application. We recommend that you go back into the Application settingsonce you’re done installing your non-Market applications and uncheck the box—it’s only a few clicks to enable it again in the future when you need it
Now I see my cute app in my mobile screen J Hurray !!!

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