Friday, March 8, 2013

A nice data recovery/undelete software - RECUVA

I recently got into a scenario, which had cost me my data archives containing data for almost a couple of years now. The exitement was great and this happened at a really very good time. Some one from holland and another one from Phillipenes where going to give me hollaphino problems and this happened just to same my sorry face. :)

And to add to my luck I knew  a few really good administrators who helped me a lot speaking about policy and **** that denies permissions for them to help me for an other 48 hours. And to add to my luck.... ok I guess you woud have already admitted to the fact that I am a really happy corporate fellow by now.
All this good life and sweet mares went away when I had to find "Recuva" and download it.

Are these guys crazy. They helped me find a file which I lot a couple of days ago. How dare they over take my admin guys. My admin guys are now wary cos of this and what to beat the **** of this one. What can a silly fellow like me do to save it. I had to give them a copy of this software.

My point is download the tool in the following website and see it for your self. :) It really works and it is free

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