Monday, October 4, 2010

Expanding and Collapsing Categories in a XPage View

For expanding and Collapsing category entries in an XPage,
   Go the all properties section of the XPage, Navigate to Data -> Data -> Expand Level as illustrated in the following figure

Specifying 0 here will collapse all entries and 1 will expand the same.

Also in case of a view containing multiple category columns, 1 will expand the first level categories with the other levels like 2nd or 3rd or so on collapsed.

Like wise specifying 2 here will expand the first category as well as the second category where as the 3rd or 4th or so on will be collapsed

Using a session scoped variable or a request scoped variable we can probably compute this on button clicks which might be handy for the end users...

Hope this helps :)


  1. This no longer works in 8.5.2. 0 shows ALL, 1 (and anything else) shows NOTHING

  2. This does not work if the view property "Don't show empty categories" is selected.

  3. Interesting.. I did not test that in 8.5.2 . Will check and post a solution if possible

    Thanks for pointing it out :)

  4. If you have a view panel within a custom control on your XPage the expandlevel property must be set on the viewpanel not the XPage. Also, it appears that IBM has switched the use of the values.