Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OnUnload event in XPages

Add the following script block to your xpage. Preview the same and  close it. Once you close your XPage you will get a prompt which depicts the triggering of the onUnload event in xpages.

<xp:this.value escape="false">
window.onunload=function() {
alert('I run on window unload');

A little bit of client techniques to include server side scripts will also work here.

Hope this helps:)


  1. I would suggest using dojo.addOnUnload instead of window.onunload. It has better (cross) browser support.

    For the correct syntax, have a look at this blog entry:

    http://www.bleedyellow.com/blogs/m.leusink/entry/xpages_clientside_onload_events3 but

  2. Hi Leus,

    That's a great post. I had tried with dojo.addOnUnload and even gave blind trial on XSP.addOnUnload.

    Both of them failed. They simply did not get triggered when I closed my XPage. Also I am searching for an equivalent to window.onbeforeunload event in XPages. Please share any information about the same if you have any.

    And thanks a lot for the suggestion. Probably I will check dojo.addOnUnload again :)

    Again my trial on XSP.addOnUnload was a bluff and I got my self proved with the help of a great post by Wessel - Meet the XSP Object.

    Hope this helps:)