Monday, May 24, 2010

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  1. How to rectify if an error like "Error loading USE or USELSX module" is shown when clicking on the view? This error is shown only when the view is clicked in its replica databases.

  2. Have posted an article trouble shooting ."Error loading USE or USELSX Module", Take a look at it and let me know how it goes

  3. Hi..

    I need to know how to place a link in particular place of an image in XPAGE... pls reply as soon as possible....

  4. How to validate(Make as a Required Field) a file upload control in XPAGE...

  5. @Surendar - Link over a Image thing - Look at the following post - reuse the same code in XPages and put an XPage link instead of the text that I speak about and u are ready to go,

    sizing background image to look look button

  6. @Surendar - Regarding the file Upload validation thing,

    on the onchange event of the file upload control put the a validation function that return true or false.

    Validation function in the field should check if there is a file name entered into that field or not...

    This is one way of doing it...

    The simplest way on a XPage would be using the native validator,

    Click the file upload control,
    -> go to Properties Pane
    -> Click validation tab (left margin)
    -> Select Required Field check box
    -> Provide required field error message

    This should automatically do the job...

    Let me know whether this helps... :)

  7. Hi..
    I have uploaded some files using file upload control in xpage.

    I need to download those files and save it in desktop while clicking a button or link in that xpage.... pls try this and tell me.....

  8. @Surendat-

    put a computed field with the formula, @AttachmentNames()

    write a loop that traverses through all these attachment names and extract them to desktop



    I have not stressed on syntax completely... so refer up with help docs....

    So this logic to help u away...