Thursday, May 20, 2010

#8: Issue in XPage: Inconsistency across browser and client when attempting a new window popup in XPage

My goal was to dump a few html content into a new window and print the same.
I tried the following function on a button in an XPage

The following code goes in the onclick event of the button ,

writeConsole( 'Hello from JavaScript!' );
function writeConsole(content) { '' , 'myconsole' ,
    + ',menubar=0'
    + ',toolbar=1'
    + ',status=0'
    + ',scrollbars=1'
    + ',resizable=1' )
    + '<body bgcolor=white onLoad="self.focus();self.print();">'
   + '</body></html>'

When I preview the Xpage on the browser and click the button containing the posted code, I get to see the expected functionality. Where as when I see the same on the NotesClient 8.5.1, I see nothing happening -- Absolutely nothing.

I remember IBM telling people that XPages on 8.5.1 will work exactly in the same way, both on the Notes Client and on the browser...

Am I missing some thing.... If not this issue is definitely a bug in 8.5.1 XPages

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