Friday, February 12, 2010

Problem: Unable to view XPages on NotesClient 8.5.1

As soon as I installed Lotus Notes 8.5.1, I was anxious to see how XPages will look on Notes Client. So I opened up a database which My team was already working on,
  1. Created a new XPage,
  1. Added the text "Hello Notes Client XPage World"
  1. and Previewed the same on Notes Client.
Oops it did not work....
Ok I knew that they work well on web(I have personally practised a few before),
hence I previewed the same on the browser, 
Oops again, it did not work....

The error that I received were the following, for the Notes Client 
Page Not Found
404 Exception
Could not create the page /sdf.xsp because the class xsp.Sdf could not be found. Please check your spelling.
Cannot find class xsp.MyXPage in NSF
Stack Trace

and the following on IE 
HTTP 404 - File not found 
Internet Explorer

This bothered me for almost a day or so, until my friend helped me out with this.....

The solution is as follows,   

1) Open your XPage in Designer    

2) On the top margin click Project    

3) Select Build Automatically (Refer to following image)  

4) Save your XPage and preview in client as well as on the web

Voila, that solved my problem

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