Saturday, November 15, 2014

Extjs best practises





                                                            1.use MVC

2.use xtype

3.define custom xtypes

4.use compressor - give minified files to client

5.use SenchaArchitect or cmd

6.travese dom using up/down etc - dont give ID and dont get by ID to elements

7.use icons instead of "text+icons"

8.inject images using css

9.use theming

10.avoid using deprecated commands and use new commands like using Ext.launch method

instead of Ext.onReady

11.dont declare deep tree... use layouts precisely... try to keep things with in 2 or 3


12.Reuse the components

13. Try to do population and manipulation in afterRenderer than in beforeRenederer

14.Always handle exceptions, especially failure cases of a Ajax call


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