Friday, October 17, 2014

replacing newline with characters in java

I had a string named “remarks” with the following value in it


10/17/2014 07:14 AM test1




10/17/2014 07:14 AM dfgdfg


I tried to replace all line feeds in this string with a particular character set in java and so I tried the following


String re = remarks1.replaceAll("\n","$#$”);



This kept giving me illegal arguments exception.


So I tried

String re = remarks1.replaceAll("\\n","$#$");



Now I felt weird. This is not normal behavior as most of my searches said this should work. Hence I felt a little irritated and I tried a different string instead of “$#$”. It was a stupid attempt though. But to my astonishment it worked fine


Curse compiler. Stupid same and its issue with “$” characters


Following worked at last


String re = remarks1.replaceAll("\\n","@#@");



The output was

10/17/2014 07:14 AM test1@#@test1@#@test1@#@test1@#@10/17/2014 07:14 AM dfgdfg@#@


At ease 0.0  grrr

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