Monday, May 13, 2013

GetElementsBYClassName bug in IE

A while ago I was working with a type of function in which I had my client side javascript code identify the checkBoxElement through a HTMLNode.getElementsByClassName('myClassName') method.

This worked like charm with Chrome ( Chrome is the best :), unfortunately as expected this one had issues with the great Internet Explorer.

Eventually I had to scan through the web and with little effort I found the following nice function

function getElementsByClassName(node, classname) {
/* function obtained, modified and reused from
var objectCollection = [];
        var re = new RegExp('(^| )'+classname+'( |$)');
        var els = node.getElementsByTagName("*");
        for(var i=0,j=els.length; i<j; i++)
            return objectCollection;

This worked well across both Chrome and IE. I am relieved :)

Hope this helps :)

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