Thursday, January 3, 2013

Formula inMemory note - Web Hack

When researching about the _doClick related concepts, I found a hack that might possibly be a serializaied representation of the memory segment where a formula command will be stored in a server.

This sounds funny and frightening to me - "Yin and Yang" concept, if I am not wrong.

Well as usual try the following ridiculous stuff and tell me that I am not crazy.

1. Create/open a form in Lotus Notes
2. Create a button and put some formula code inside it as illustrated in the following screen shot.
3. Now navigate to the HTML tab of the button properties dialog and simply add "<>" in the 'Other' field as illustrated in the previous screen shot .

4. Now preview the form in browser and you will be able to see some thing like this

Discussion points in few forums say that these numbers are memory segment representation sort of stuffs in the server with the domino uses via "_click" field in post data or a &click argument in a url  to trigger and execute these formula commands.

Man this stuff is crazy.

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