Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GUID of a Composite application

GUID stands for Global Unique Identifier. Hope the title makes sense now. This section will simply help you understand how you can get the GUID of a composite application.

In the following screen shot of a composite application, I have an action button which upon clicking gets me the GUID if the application.

This is possible when you code the button with a formula as follows  

So the trick is – hmmm its simple - @GetGUID
And the lotus script equivalent is as follows


  1. why did development with composite applications never got a good take-off? lack of information resources?

    1. just remember Balmer's slogan "developers! developers! developers!"
      no matter how good the thing is, no population of developers to embrace it, no future for it. I was searching for @GetGUID, I found only 3 records, this page is one of them....

  2. As per my understanding, navigators got obsolete after the advent of outines, hotspots etc.

    And so I believe Composite apps shared a similar fate with the advent of Xpages in 8.5.1 and higher, which work both on Notes Client as well as on web (almost similar).

    Composite apps are confined only to notes client apps right. With equal effort and lesser complexity we can get what ever we are trying to build in a much better way using XPages. Easy to maintain and deploy as well.

    Thats what must be the reason.This is purely my own opinion and am not sure if am completely correct.