Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Triggering lotus script agents and obtaining their response on the XPage using Client side javascript - An XMLHTTPRequest equivalent in Dojo

The traditional way through which we perform AJAX calls to lotusscript agents to obtain responses kept failing for me in XPages. I kept wondering why I was not able to get back any response from the agents.

The following dojo method though different, helped me accomplish the same,

      dojo.xhrGet( { // 
        url: "The url of your lotusscript agent", 
        handleAs: "text",
sync: true,
        timeout: 5000, // Time in milliseconds

        // The LOAD function will be called on a successful response.
        load: function(response, ioArgs) { 
         alert(returnValue) ;  // this will alert your print statements from the lotusscript agent

        // The ERROR function will be called in an error case.
        error: function(response, ioArgs) {  
          console.error("HTTP status code: ", ioArgs.xhr.status);
          returnValue= response;
          return returnValue; 

How ever I was not able to get the browser wait as I would do when using,

The sync flag seems to work differently than I expected in the dojo.xhrGet method

Hope this helps :)

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