Friday, December 17, 2010

Controlling preview of views on the browser - $$ViewTemplateDefault

Though this has always been known, A few of my colleagues needed info on this. So just thought of sharing the same. Hope this helps some one who is looking for this :)

Create a form named "$$ViewTemplateDefault"  and key in a few text info as follows
Now when a view from the database is previewed this is how the following is a sample illustration of how they look on the client and the browser
On Client:
On Browser:

Hope this Helps :)


  1. please stop reminding how e had to work for years!

  2. Its very useful for me as a learner. And i did the same and got knowledge about View Templates.

  3. Happy to share :)

    @quintessens : I get your point :)
    We do have quite a history...right...
    never forget em X)