Monday, July 26, 2010

Error - 'getComponent()' is null in XPages

One of the most irritating issues that I encountered while working with XPages, especially when enhancing an existing Lotus Notes application is 'getComponent()' is null error.

My suggestion here will be silly, but I honeslty feel that there will be people out there who will acknowledge its severity

when a code fragement say, getComponent("fieldName").getValue() returns this error,

1.Check  if a component with if "fieldName" actually exists

2. Note that "FieldName" is different from "fieldName" - cross check with the cases in the component name and the one mentioned in your code

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  1. All controls (textbox, button, etc.) must be in the same XPage or in the same custom control.

  2. I am getting a similar error when I try to set the value binding of a particular filed dynamically like: getComponent("'" + fieldName + "'").setValueBinding('value', valueBinding); Can anyone help on this?

  3. Ok may be I sound wierd, give this one a shot. It seems like you have a variable named as "fieldName".

    If so,why can't you use
    getComponent(fieldName).setValueBinding('value', valueBinding);

    instead of getComponent("'" + fieldName + "'").setValueBinding('value', valueBinding);

    Well dont get mad at me if this is a no brainer. Just a guess :P