Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Ideas to work upon

The following is a list of ideas that I might possibly work on in the near future.

1. Creating a javascript library that would hold most of the String Manipulation commands in the Lotusscript.

2. To Ensure all scripts developed for #1 can be used to extend the native Javascript String class

3. To create a custom javascript class that can be used to parse XMLs in a simpler way

4. To summarize ways that I can use to crash lotus notes

5. To learn more about Javascript blink statement and create a useful tool implementing the same

6. To learn more about z-index and create a useful tool implementing the same

7. A LEI starters guide

8. SQL and Lotus Notes Integration

9. To create a Javascript  logger plugin for Lotus Notes

10. To create XPage logger custom control - i think it is already available in OpenNtf

11. To create a simple API that shall help to work on the new HTML Canvas nodes

12. To create a progress bar that with a nice look and feel as in Windows Vista which would keep track of the Synchronous XMLHTTP Requests 

13. To prepare a documents that will help begineers in lotus notes to quickly understand the concepts

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