Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Microsoft Outlook Collection of Constants

Ever seen a vb code which says something like

"Set MyItem = MyOlApp.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)" or "MyRequiredAttendee.Type = olRequired"

and had a tough time figuring out what those constants starting with ol stand for when implementing them in your technology. I had my share of head ache to find the nice simple solution for it


Go through the site and you may find it useful. Microsoft guys can atleast give a flow chart showing the relations between the various objects in the Object Model documentation. Atleast more developers can understand em and support microsoft.

Thanks to the awesome work by John Coolidge. You would definitely be impressed. Take a look at the his work

A sample Calendar file

Following is a content of a fully functional calendar file

SUMMARY:My Subject!
DESCRIPTION:My Description content
LOCATION:My Location

This is a really nice concept that I liked very much. If you search for info on "ical" files you will get to browse nice sweet pages including the wikepedia which has nice demonstrations/explations on what this does.

I had a scenario where I had to tinker people's outlook calendar from lotus notes. Using ical files were a really nice option. Atleast I did not find another nicer solution. Once these files are sent to users with the necessary values in it, you can have users open them and save them to their calendars.

A nice way like how xml shall mediate between different platforms. ical - I believe this will work with all major calendars. I know it works for Lotus Notes and Outlook. Yet to test on other web-based stuffs like Google Calendars. Let me know if you test them.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating simple downloadable text file using lotusscript

Create an agent with the following Lotusscript code in it.

Print "Content-Type:application/octet-stream"

Print "Content-Disposition: Attachment;filename=""sampleDownloadAbleFile.txt"""
Print "this text is from the server"
Print "this has not been saved any where in the server"

Save the agent preview it on the web. You will be able to download a text file

Hope this helps :)