Friday, December 16, 2011

How to run apache in a different port when its running through eclipse

One has to change the port numbers in the apache server configuration page in eclipse.
In order to reach the server configuration page, you got to do the following
>On Server tab
>Select Tomcat Server (the one you are trying to start)
>Right Click - Select Open 
This will help you reach the server configuration page.
Refer to following screen shot.

Error Starting Tomcat Server in eclipse : HTTP Status 404 error - "/" not found


I was facing this error for some good reason I never understood until I went through the following url.

The issue is that my server wont simply start with the error mentioned in the title.
Now I am glad that I got it to work some how. All that I did was follow the following tips provided in the above mentioned url
>On Server tab 
>Select Tomcat Server (the one you are trying to start) 
> Right Click - Select Open 
> Go to section Server Location 
>Selct Radio button for Use Tomcat Installation 
>Set Server Path to //:the_tomcat_home_location 
>Set Deploy Path to //:the_tomcat_home_location 
All that I did was change the details mentioned in the highlighted section in the following screen shot of the apache server configuration page

Hope this helps some one J